Netizens praise Eric Nam for his perfect hosting of Chloe Moretz

Eric Nam and Chloe Moretz are the talk of Korea, after appearing on on tvN‘s ‘SNL Korea 6’!

After the initial airing of the show, Chloe Moretz took first place in real time search keywords and showed her popularity among fans in Korea.

Eric Nam who played host to her and her brother Trevor Duke Moretz uploaded uploaded photos to his Instagram saying, “Had an awesome week hanging out with Chloe Grace Moretz, Eddie Nam and Trevor Duke Moretz see yall again soon!.”

Chloe Moretz was brought to Korea by Production O, who according to their Instagram profile brings US celebrities to Korea for collaborations. They state, “Chloe Moretz, Paris Hilton, Miranda Kerr and more..” revealing that they will continue to bring more celebrities for cross-promotions in Korea.

Their first photo shows Eddie Nam with Chloe and Trevor, saying it was an “absolute pleasure working with his lovely group”. It looks like Eddie is helping to bridge the gap between the US and Korea, using his strong connections from America and experience with celebrities in both countries.

Netizens who came across this news praised Eric for his kindness and personality that seemed to attract everyone he came across.

[+ 463, – 17] I hear when he was in the states that he was the only Asian person in the school and despite the fact that there was a lot of racism he was voted to be the school president. Every time he interviews a Hollywood star they praise him and compliment him even when they’re back home. Some girls even grab his number even when body guards advise them against it. Good people are popular no matter what race.

[+ 384, – 14] Even that picture was uploaded after Chloe’s brother followed Eric and Eric’s brother. Chloe followed Eric too and is still retweeting him even after she went back to the states. This proves Eric Nam is a kind and attractive man

[+ 299, – 8] I saw them at Sinsadong Garosu gil and they looked close. He seemed so well mannered and was smiling the whole time.

오늘밤 #SNLKOREA with @chloegmoretz! 본방사수! Tonight! #클로이모레츠 #ChloeInKorea @productiono #에릭남

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Source: Daily Korea