Netizens praise f(x)’s Victoria for her loyalty towards SM Entertainment

In the midst of the controversy involving SM Entertainment and several of its Chinese artists, netizens have pointed out f(x)’s Victoria for being a very loyal member of the company. 

With the departure of Kris and Luhan from EXO-M, and the possibility of losing group member Tao as well, SM Entertainment’s treatment of their Chinese members has been called to question by fans. Despite all of this controversy, however, f(x)’s Victoria stands bright as a member of the company who has stayed very loyal.

Netizens pointed out that Victoria has in fact rejected several Chinese sponsorship deals in order to remain loyal to her agency, and her family even moved houses several times in order to avoid Chinese sponsors who insist on visiting her and making offers.

Netizens on Pann left their praise for Victoria in the comments, and also included several photos of the f(x) singer showing her support and love for her agency.


1. [+156, -5] I’m an EXO-L and I’m on the verge of forming a bias against the Chinese because of the four members acting up like this but I have so much respect for Victoria. Her family even moved because brokers kept visiting their home… She’s such a kind person, just beautiful inside out. I know that staying true to your contract terms shouldn’t be considered a big deal but it’s amazing considering the circumstances ㅋㅋ Speaking candidly, the four EXO members’ popularities don’t even come close to Victoria too

2. [+145, -2] Tons and tons of Chinese brokers have been trying to cast Victoria in China but she remains in f(x) until then. I’m so proud of our Victoria. As a fan, I’ve already given up on getting a fandom name. Who cares if we don’t have a name, I’ll be a fan until the end.

3. [+30, -0] Victoria could do hundreds of times better than she is now if she threw SM out and promoted in China. It’s amazing that she’s sticking by SM unlike the members who are so blinded by greed that they don’t mind betraying their team and fans.

Source: Pann