Netizens praise JYP Entertainment for their ability to cast top female idols

JYP Entertainment is known for being one of the top three entertainment companies in Korea, and netizens recently pointed out one area where they excel above all else. 

OAlthough many companies boast popular idols and groups, netizens pointed out that JYP Entertainment has a knack for casting female idols with the potential for becoming the “one top,” or the best idol in terms of every category, including looks, fame, and personality. With miss A‘s Suzy currently one of the most popular celebrities in all of Asia, and former Wonder Girls member Sohee having been the top female idol during the group’s “Tell Me” era, netizens are looking to TWICE‘s Tzuyu to be the next “one top” for the company, as she is already one of the most popular rookie idols at the moment.




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[+ 137, – 22] I don’t think Tzuyu will make it as the top female idol. For Sohee and Suzy they had that special aura but I don’t really see that with Tzuyu. She feels different from Suzy and Sohee.

[+ 73, – 67] All JYP ㅋㅋㅋ I guess all the top female artists come from JYP

[+ 68, – 24] Casting Suzy and Tzuyu was a move made from god seriously.

Source: Pann