Netizens praise this middle school student for her successful diet

Netizens discuss a successful dieting transformation by a young middle school student

Originally posted on Pann, netizens praise a young middle school student for her successful dieting transformation.

Titled “58.5kg to 47.6kg Successful Diet,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“Hi, I’m a middle school student living in Busan! I am 156 cm and started to get chubby because I love eating and the school cafeteria food is also good.. I stopped growing at 158cm but I kept gaining weight to 58.5kg!!!! I remember I weighed myself after swimming and reached the maximum weight I have ever reached.. Then I ate some fried stuff saying I should maybe reach 60 haha

I think the most important thing is to make up your mind in dieting because people keep delaying their plan for diet claiming they will do it the next day. I tried to not get stressed out because it would make me quit faster. I kept thinking to myself that I was going to get pretty and will be happier if I continued my diet.

You also have to keep making yourself believe that you can do it! Anyways, you all can do this.

What is something that all people do when they think they failed dieting? They start eating more. But that is because of stress and I tried not to get stressed. I forced myself to eat a little less so my stomach can get used to the small portions

It took me about 3-4 days for me to feel the same fullness as I did with more food.

Lastly, working out was the hardest process T_T But this is the most important. I found a workout video and followed it 25 minutes a day. I worked out so hard that my t-shirt got fully wet with sweat. The video I was watching was with fun music that mixed taekwondo and boxing… I had so much fun actually. And I guess it is because I watched my diet through food and exercise, I can eat ice cream and other foods such as pizza without worrying about gaining again!

Here are some of the pictures. You all can do it too!


Wow… This was me in 6th grade!! Year 2013 haha


White pants… How bold was I… 6th grade summer.. haha


I look healthy right?


This was the photo I took the day I made up my mind to lose weight..

This was the best month of my life… 2014 May haha



This is after I lost a little weight… 2014 summer!!

I changed my phone so I couldn’t record more photos… After that, I only have recent photos T_T_T


7th grade during school festival!!! 2014 Winter haha



This was when I was at vacation haha I think it was around 47.6kg ^^


My graduation photo!! But why does it seem like I gained a little..? Hul T_T_T



And this is the most recent!!! Last weekend.. It was so cold.. I think I was crazy T_T 

I hope for the best to all of the people attempting a diet!!!!!!!!! Fighting hahahaha <3″

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.12.54 PM

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[ +54 / -4] Even your first photos, you weren’t that fat right???? What am I doing… You have great proportions in your legs

[ +39 / -1] Hul… Don’t delete this please T_T_T_T Your amazing.. <3

[ +13 / 0] Instead of someone who was successful in dieting, I think your successful in being a person first. Your being so optimistic about everything.. I want to learn from you

[ +9 /0] Anyone know how to get rid of leg muscles… I’m like a marathon runner T_T

Source: Pann