Netizens rank Hyuna’s boys by their chemistry with Hyuna

On Pann, netizens shared their thoughts on which male idol had the best chemistry with Hyuna in their unit performances.

Originally titled, “Hyuna’s men;;;”, the post featured male idols and explained why their chemistry with Hyuna was so special.

1. BEAST – Jang Hyunseung
The most famous ‘Troublemaker’ couple! The two share a dreamy, sexy aura…


2. BtoB – Ilhoon
Ilhoon surprised viewers with how good he looked with Hyuna in her recent music video. He’s surprisingly sexy….


3. BtoB – Hyunsik
The two are of the same age (born in 1992) and seem to be close. The two of them look like the could make a great couple


4. Block B – Zico
Hyuna + Zico = the most gangster couple in K-Pop. They look like they would stare you down in the streets ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


So in conclusion Hyuna looks good no matter who she’s with >_<


[+ 100, – 5] I still think Hyuna looks best with Hyunseung

[+ 91, – 20] Hyuna + Zico is the best. They’re both so attractive…


[+ 72, – 4] Hyunseung + Hyuna is sexy, Ilhoon + Hyuna seem lik they’re real siblings and Hyunsik + Hyuna look like a new couple


Source: Pann