Netizens rave over Lee Minho’s fall pictorial with YG Entertainment’s Kim Jisoo

Netizens discuss Lee Minho’s charming looks as he poses with YG Entertainment’s trainee Kim Jisoo for a fall pictorial.

In a post originally posted on Pann comically bearing the title Suzy Not Permitted To Click,” fans and netizens alike discuss Lee Minho’s charming looks as he partners with Kim Jisoo for a fall pictorial. This is not the first time that the actor has worked with the trainee after pairing up with a previous advertisement campaign for Samsonite.

Meanwhile, number of behind-the-scenes images were also included in the post, highlighting their onscreen chemistry and professionalism.

Here are the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“Suzy’s boyfriend Lee Min Ho <3”

“Behind cuts of his fall pictorial for a brand has been released……”


“But it is couple behind cut photos”


“They look so good together hahahaha”


“I even get jealous looking at these photos but I wonder how Suzy feels? hahaha”


“Minho, you are not cheating on our Suzy right??”

“Lee Minho: No no~~~ it’s not what it seems like~~~~~~ This is just my job~~”



“His charming appeals are showing through this fall pictorial”

“How can these be the behind-cut photos… wow”


“But if the photographer will be releasing behind-cut photos like this to the public,”



“I’m really thankful <3”

“Pick these photos up quickly! hahahahahahaha”

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.34.04 PM


[ +86 / -11] Sorry… Her competition is Suzy


[ +63 / -23] I’m a girl but I’m even jealous of Lee Min Ho… It’s Suzy… How can it be Suzy!!!! I heard of rumors that Lee Min Ho dated so many girls and cheated so many times.. I really think Suzy is better

[ +48 / -6]


Source: Pann