Netizens react harshly upon hearing Leeteuk being appointed as main MC for new variety show

After reports of Leeteuk being appointed as the main MC host for a new variety show, netizens have mock Leeteuk’s capabilities to be a main host.

Earlier, we have reported that Leeteuk was appointed as a main MC host for a new variety show scheduled to air in July 23rd.

Hours after the initial reports, netizens have swarmed to comment what they felt about the situation with some of the top comments sharing their disapproval of the decision.

Here are the comments:

[+2,993 / -664] It’s crazy how not funny he is but I guess SM is really powerful…

[+2,244 / -505] How does being a cable MC host on the Disney channel make you start an ‘MC Era?’

[+2,228 /-642] I really can’t understand why they’re using Leeteuk

[+2,054 / -598] To be honest, is Leeteuk funny? I don’t think he is even a good MC…”

[+1,582 / -526] SM……………

Source: Star News