Netizens react to Jessica’s departure from SM Entertainment

Netizens react to initial reports of Jessica officially leaving SM Entertainment.

Earlier it was announced that Jessica has officially left SM Entertainment. After initial reports, many netizens gathered to discuss the situation about the rare situation of SM Entertainment letting their artists go without a fight.

[+2438, -113] What about Krystal..

[+2231, -70] I thought she already left

[+1725, -64] What about Sulli???????

[+1494, -93] Of course she has to leave

[+1067, -41] I guess it ended cleanly without lawsuits or emotional fights.. Did this ever happen in SM before…

[+328, -9] Then this means that Krystal will leave after her contract expires….??

[+284, -14] It is rare to see SM releasing her without any fights

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