Netizens react to news of B.A.P’s return to TS Entertainment

Fans and netizens discuss sudden news of B.A.P officially make a return to TS Entertainment.

Earlier we reported that male group B.A.P has officially made their return to TS Entertainment. Fans eagerly showed their happiness at hearing B.A.P would be making a return to the entertainment industry, after such a long wait.

Here are the reactions of netizens and fans.

[ +2240 / -52] To be honest it is kind of iffy that B.A.P is going back to the company they lost trust in. Did they figure out their money distribution problems? I thought that it would be better if B.A.P went into a better company.

[ +1751 / -191] They have skills and talents like group JYJ so I hope they succeed.

[ +1182 / -72] I’m glad… I was hearing of their daebak situation these days

[ +1131 / -49] Hul… B.A.P was great.. I’m glad they figured it out.

[ +915 / -48] Hul ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ good job

Source: Daily Sports via Naver

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