Netizens react to news of Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei’s relationship

After initial reports of Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei‘s relationship were confirmed, netizens show love and disbelief.

Earlier we reported that actor Song Seung Hun and Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei were confirmed to be dating. Although Chinese media has reported that they already arranged a meeting between families, Song Seung Hun has denied such allegations and stated that they are getting to know each other more.

The two met during the shoot of the upcoming film “The Third Way of Love” that will be released both in Korea and China.

Netizens showed disbelief as one of the top Hallyu stars of Korea has confirmed to be dating.

Here are some of the netizen comments below.

[ +7196 / -208] Another one is leaving now.. Now only Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won are left…

[ +5247 / -170] Woah.. Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei.. I can’t imagine how amazing their baby will be if they were to be married wow.

[ +4603 / -97] Is this another international couple following director Kim Tae Yong and actress Tang Wei? Song Seung Hun will be forth soon, he needs to get married soon. Congratulations!

[ +3728 / -123] Daebak T_T_T_T Seung Hun hyoung, lets get married now!!!!!! You two look so great together!!

[ + 2861/ -96] I hope you are happy. Song Seung Hun hyoung.

[ +739 / -20] Song Seung Hun really has high standards hahaha He really got a goddess.. Well Song Seung Hun is handsome anyways too.

[ +659 / -36] Korean men are amazing. They are dating China’s top goddess-level stars. Starting from Tang Wei and now Liu Yifei hahahaha

[ +667 / -48] Liu Yifei is the prettiest girl in Asia now a days.. Song Seung Hun got class haha

Comments: Daily Sports