Netizens react to confirmation of massive prostitution scandal

Netizens are reacting to news of artist C being confirmed to be involved in a prostitution scandal and Koreaboo has translated the reactions below.

Earlier, we reported that Korean media The Fact has confirmed the truth behind artist C and her prostitution scandal. After irrefutable report and photos given by The Fact, netizens are no longer speculating and commenting instead on the current issue regarding the artist.

Here are the netizens’ reactions below!

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +1,437 / -86] 1. The ‘Black and White’ singer claimed she didn’t have money and borrowed 5 million Won ($3,900 USD) from prostitution broker and CEO Kang. 2. She goes ahead to get paid for prostitution with a man introduced by the broker after she claimed she couldn’t afford to pay him back. 3. After this first meeting, she additionally meet other people.

It is really shocking that someone like G.NA doesn’t have money to pay back [such a small loan] and went into prostitution for money. She should have borrowed money from other artists of the same agency. Now her career is over for life.. she has more to lose.

[ +1,410 / -77] But it seems that G.NA got blamed for everything on purpose. I think they all targeted this to her since her contract ended and no one can protect her. Do you think she did this alone? There are probably so many other female idols and celebrities.

[ +1,340 / -44] Does this make sense haha She claimed she did this because she couldn’t afford 5,000,ooo Won ($3,900 USD) hahaahahahahhahhahaahah No matter how much you make stuff up to look better, who would believe that a famous artist sold her body for 5 million Won ($3,900 USD) hahahahhaahahahahhahahah

[ +261 / -13] Probably got unlucky and was caught all alone…. Do you think there are only one or two celebrities involved…. There are probably no celebrities who came on top right now who didn’t get sponsored right? I’ve heard things.

[ +244 / -5] Everyone does prostitution right~ life is unfair right? haha Don’t die alone but take others with you in this mess haha

[ +214 / -6] It’s not that she didn’t have 5 million won ($3,900 USD) but she is a person that has been doing prostitution regularly;;;; Probably this time, she just thought that ‘oh, I will just pay back this time through this favor’ hahahahahaah She, too probably did this in order to become a celebrity hahahahaahahahahaah;;;; Are you kidding us. Celebrities get more money that 5 million Won per pictorial shoot or advertisement but why would she sell herself for that little?

Source: The Fact