Netizens react to Suzy’s potential casting for “Cheese In The Trap”

A popular webtoon Cheese In The Trap is in the process of casting actors and actresses in an upcoming tvN dramatization.

While the only confirmed cast member up to this point is Park Haejin as Yoojung, Suzy of miss A along with several other actresses are in discussion for the role of Hong Sul, the lead female character.

One related official stated, “There is a lot of interest from the public on who the main female character will be for Cheese In The Trap. Not only is Suzy being considered, several other actresses are being considered for the role as well.”

Netizens who came across this news expressed their concern about Suzy in the role of Hong Sul:

[+ 18924, – 2041] Suzy doesn’t match Hong Sul, Hong Sul isn’t as big framed as Suzy. ㅠㅠ I like Suzy and I’m saying this for her own good please don’t do it

[+ 17032, – 852] I usually don’t care about characters syncing with the actor, but that’s not the problem here ㅠㅠ Hong Sul has very detailed emotionsㅠㅠ please use someone good at acting

[+ 14292, – 913] Are you crazy?????

[+11810, – 540] 90% chance that this is media play using Suzy ㅋ

Source: MBN