Netizens react to Suzy’s decision to pass on “Cheese in the Trap” role

After reports that Suzy will no longer be part of the upcoming drama Cheese in the Trap, fans of the original webtoon series and netizens have been commenting on her decision

After reports of Suzy and the producers of tvN’s upcoming drama Cheese in the Trap were discussing to work together, media reports on July 13th that they have decided not to do so.

Netizens and the fans of the original webtoon series have begun thanking Suzy for her decision.

[ +24937 / -1214] I send my sincere thank you for the first time to Suzy

[ +16978 / – 971] I’m truly a fan of you Suzy but really thank you for not being part of “Cheese in the Trap!!!” I’ll meet you next time with good songs and other projects <3

[ +12908 / -1015] Oh wow I am a fan of suzy starting today

[ +12864 / -4047 ] Who does the fans of the webtoon series want for that character? They all acting like a interfering mother in law

[ + 9131 / -307 ] Suzy is the intelligent one

Source: OSEN