Netizens react to Hyorin appearing on “Unpretty Rapstar” instead of Bora

Netizens express their disapproval following reports confirming Hyorin‘s participation for Unpretty Rapstar 2 instead of Bora

Earlier, it was reported that Unpretty Rapstar 2 confirmed Wonder Girls’ Yubin and SISTAR‘s Hyorin to join their latest season. However, as soon as the news emerged various portal sites, netizens began to wonder why the program selected Hyorin, a vocalist, and not member Bora, the group’s main rapper.

Although Hyorin did express her interest in rapping in the past, many netizens showed disapproval and disappointment towards the fact that Bora didn’t get the chance first as the main rapper.

Here are some of the netizen comments below.

[ +5688 / -80] Hyorin… Why….

[ +4500 / -83] Hyorin instead of Bora?

[ +3786 / -63] Hyorin? Why Hyorin?

[ +3539 / -68] Isn’t Bora the rapper???

[ +2655 / -45] What????????…….. hahahahaha

[ +513 / -16] This isn’t Unpretty Rapstar but “Girl group Rapstar” hahaha

[ +494 / -23] I laughed at the mention of Hyorin hahaha Hyorin to rap haha

[ +492 / -24] Hyorin is too much… This program is for rappers..

[ +433 / -9] Bora needs to come out and learn more…

[ +436 / -17] Why is Hyorin who is a vocal coming out on Unpretty Rapstar??

Source: Daily Sports

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