Netizens react to startling facts about the cast of “Reply 1988”

Reply 1988 is definitely one of the most popular dramas right now, but netizens were startled after reading some facts about the show’s cast. 

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In the drama, both of Deok Sun’s parents are supposed to be 44 years old in 1988, making them 72 years old in 2015. However, in real life actor Sung Dong Il was born in 1967, making him 49 years old. Actress Lee Il Hwa was born in 1971, and is 45 years old, meaning there’s actually a 4 year age gap between the two.


Deok Sun is 18, while Bora is 21 and No Eul is 17. In real life, however, Hyeri is 22, Ryu Hye Young is 25, and Choi Sung Won is 31, making him the oldest of the three on-screen siblings.


On the show, Ra Mi Ran was born in 1943, a year earlier than her husband. However, in real life, she’s actually five years older than Kim Sung Gyun, who’s 36 years old.


In the show, Jung Bong and Jung Hwan is 18. However, in real life, both actors are 30. 


Sung Gyun’s character is 21 years older than his older song Jung Bong, and 27 years older than his younger son Jung Hwan. However, in real life, Kim Sung Gyun is only six years older than both Ahn Jae Hong and Ryu Joon Yeol


Kim Sun Young, who plays Sun Woo’s mother, is signed with Jellyfish Entertainment, the same company as VIXX and Park Hyo Shin


Ra Mi Ran’s character is the oldest out of the three mothers, followed by Lee Il Hwa’s, and then Kim Sun Young’s. In real life, Ra Mi Ran is the oldest, having been born in 1975. The other two were both born in 1976. 


On the show, all of the dads are the same age. However, in real life, Song Dong Il was born in 1967, Choi Moo Sung in 1968, and Kim Sung Gyun in 1980. Song Dong Il is the oldest, and Kim Sung Gyun is the maknae. 


On the show, all of Deok Sun’s neighborhood friends were born in 1971, making them 18 years old. In real life, however, Lee Dong Hwi is 31, Ryu Joon Yeol is 30, Go Kyung Po is 26, and Park Bo Gum is 23. Dong Ryong is the oldest, and Taek is the maknae. 


Born in 1994, Hyeri is the youngest of the group. 


In the drama, Bora is three years older than Sun Woo. In real life, Go Kyung Po is one year older than Ryu Hye Young. 


In the drama, No Eul is 17, making him seven years younger than Jung Bong, who’s 24. In real life, however Choi Sung Won is one year older than Ahn Jae Hong. 


On the show, Deok Sun and her friends are all 18. In real life, however, Lee Minji (middle) is 28, and
Lee Se Young (right) is 27, while Hyeri is 22.


Taek and Deok Sun are the same age on the show, but Park Bo Geum is actually a year older than Hyeri.


Jung Bong is supposed to be the oldest of the kids at 24 years old. However, in real life, Choi Sung Won, who plays No Eul, is the oldest at 31. 



Deok Sun is a year older than No Eul, but in real life, Choi Sung Won is nine years older than Hyeri. 


Ryu Joon Yeol is eight years older than Hyeri.



Ryu Joon Yeol is seven years older than Park Bo Gum.


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