Netizens react to STELLAR’s “G-STRING” fashion in comeback teaser

A photo of STELLAR’s new album image has recently been going viral among Korean netizens. 

Not soon after the image was released, a post titled, “Stellar’s crazy G-string fashion” was created on Pann.


This image was posted along with the captions “Daebak *trembles*;; what is that”

The netizen reactions were very interesting:

[+ 310, – 213] I really hope these girls make it even for a short time…I feel so bad those clothes are probably all debts too…

[+ 270, – 100] What can you do. They’re all trying to make a living. Girl groups have to expose more skin to get attention. Just leave them alone if that’s what they want to do. But as a woman it is a bit uncomfortable to watch plus I feel sorry for them.

[+ 208, – 210] Leave those girls alone. It’s not like they want to strip. They’re doing things they don’t want to do because they have to.

Source: Pann