Netizens relieved by news of Sulli leaving f(x)

Netizens have expressed relief in response to SM Entertainment’s official statement regarding Sulli’s leave from f(x).Earlier we reported that SM Entertainment released an official statement regarding Sulli leaving f(x). Following Jessica’s recent leave from SM Entertainment, this is the second breaking story regarding SM Entertainment artists in the past two days.

Netizens, who have been confused regarding Sulli’s status with group f(x) since her relationship with artist Choiza, were finally relieved to see SM Entertainment’s official statement. Many cheered on the four members continuing their activities while some suspected that f(x) will only consist of three members should Krystal decide not to renew her contract next year.

Here are the netizen reactions below.

[+3586, -47] Finally Sulli and Jessica have been taken care of

[+2915, -38] Okay this is helping the group. Bye.

[+2756, -102] She acts as much as she sings………

[+1697, -34] She leaves the group at last

[+1687, -659] Krystal will probably not renew her contract so they will consist of three members next year

[+412, -12] Ha… How better it might have been if she left last year

[+413, -24] I cheer on the four-member f(x). I look forward to your album

[+381, -15] Yeah this is better. Fighting f(x).

[+356, -13] This is news that f(x) fans have been waiting for

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