Netizens reveal the reason why all idols are probably in relationships

Netizens discuss reasons why every K-pop idol probably should be and is dating.

With many idols admitting their relationships with each other becoming a trend, many netizens discuss whether if their biases are in a relationship as well. Although many netizens have matured and grown to understand their biases’ personal lives, some still show hate towards the other idol solely because they are dating.

Originally titled “The Reason Why All Idols Are Dating,” netizens discuss the reasons why idols date and probably are currently dating.

Here is the direct translation of the post and discussion below.

“What is the reason why some fans believe that their idols will never date?”

“Just think about it. With their appearance, age and their abilities, there is no reason for them not to date right?? There is probably a list of people lining up asking them to date just once”

“If your thoughts still don’t change with what I said, think about it the other way around. If you were an idol, would you not date because you think of your fans? That is weird already. Why do idols have to be limited from dating freely because of their fans? Fans are fans and not girlfriends.”

“Fans who consider their idols as their girlfriend and boyfriend are the craziest. They’re believing that way by themselves and feeling betrayed by themselves right? hahahahahahaha”

“Well I guess it is kind of bad if an idol gives a present given by a fan to their girlfriend and boyfriend hahahahaha But why criticize idols who are dating normally? Why deny the fact that they may be dating? If their idols don’t date, do they think they will date them? hahahahaha”

“So please some of you, wake up from your fantasies. The chance that your biases are not dating is the same percentage that you might be dating them some day ha.”

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[+54, -1] I really agree with this hahahaha I also have been following a bias around but I don’t think we as fans have the right to say anything about them dating hahaha. It is kind of funny to think that they will never date hahaha. I just hope all fans stop fussing about it and allowthe idols to date beautifully and quietly

[+54, -1] I believe if the idols date not so openly and get caught, it is okay. But if they openly date and get caught, fans might get too shocked. Lee Seung Gi and Yoona’s case is alright.

[+39, -1] Isn’t it good if the biases are dating but still good to their fans? To be honest, we as fans can never date idols anyways ha. And we are not following them around as fans to date them anways.

Source: Pann