Netizens ridicule reporter for asking dumb question about Minah

When a journalist wrote an article on a mark on Minah‘s stage outfit during her performance on Mnet M! Countdown, netizens responded by ridiculing the reporter for his unnecessary focus on the subject. 

The reporter noted that Minah’s performance of her solo track “I Am A Woman Too” on M! Countdown that took place on March 26th, there was a noticeable mark on her purple top, and even highlighted the mark with a red circle for readers to see. Upon reading the article, however, the writer faced a lot of backlash for the unnecessary speculation and focus on such a small detail.

Netizens berated the writer for trying to make a story out of nothing, leaving comments criticizing the article. Most readers concluded that the Girl’s Day member merely dripped some water on her top and that it was a slow news day.


1. [+884, -31] She probably dripped some water… what do you expect it to be.. ㅡㅡ

2. [+787, -30] What the…is this really something to draw a red circle over and write an entire article about?

3. [+707, -32] Seems like the journalist was the only one curious and put up an article to find out

Source: MyDaily