Netizens share their reasons why EXO-Ls have a negative image

A recent post made on a Pann forum talking about the negative reputation of EXO-Ls has garnered much attention in the last few days.

Although also known for their united power to consistently trend EXO events worldwide, the Pann post explores the negative side of this fan club.

The original poster stated, “Especially with the fans of singers who are promoting at the same time. These are the fandoms that have had trouble with EXO-Ls at least once. Has there ever been a fandom like this? Because of the fact that they are idol fans, a little bit of friction is expected but these people take it too far. Don’t make excuses saying there’s a lot of immature fans purely because they have a large fanbase…They get ridiculous upvotes on dumb posts and when other singers appear on music shows they post ridiculing them.They pretend they’re serene but then turn around and snipe non EXO singers.”

Many netizens seemed to echo these sentiments with their various comments:

1. [+368, -114] There are too many fans, thus there are a ton of rude fans. They always say rude fans are a minority but actually, well-mannered fans are a minority

2. [+347, -149] EXO-Ls don’t even know why they get criticized ㅋㅋ They’re #1 in the world when it comes to victim-play

3. [+329, -98] They have too many controversies to claim rude fans are a minority

4. [+119, -26] What EXO-roaches will say: “get that promotion, EXO” “you’re a fan of a small company, aren’t you” “so what’s your fandom? Your oppa is a flop” “but rude fans a minority” (when it’s Taeyeon/Sojin) “but I support Taengkoong and DSo” “I leave good comments only”

5. [+109, -24] They have too many controversies to say EXO-L is unfairly targeted

6. [+95, -23] A lot of those fandoms are saints… If EXO-L had gone through the same problem, they wouldn’t have stayed still. Those fandoms are saint

7. [+91, -14] Editing BEAST’s fan songs, editing Infinite’s fanfics as if it’s theirs, and they steal other singers’ anecdotes. They hate on female idols when they’re the ones making up fake stuff

8. [+78, -26] No wonder why EXO-roaches are called the IS of idol fandoms ㅋㅋ

10. [+67, -16] EXO-Ls always say VIP-roach, Pinkroach, Inroach ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Pann and Kpopfans