Netizens shocked at luxury items TWICE’s Sana received as birthday presents

Idols receive tons of presents from fans on their birthdays, but fans were especially impressed with the luxurious gifts received by TWICE‘s Sana recently. 

Although the JYP Entertainment group debuted just two months ago, it appears that the members already have some very devoted fans. Member Sana celebrated her birthday on December 29th and received wishes from fans along with several bags full of presents. Upon seeing photos of the gifts she received, however, fans were shocked to find out that the TWICE member was gifted an an expensive watch, wallet, and clutch worth around $10,000 total. What shocked fans even more was that all of those were from one fan.

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[+ 73, – 0] I heard that was from all one person…Crazy

[+ 71, – 2] Mina gets the craziest amount of fan gifts

[+ 55, – 3] True Mina and Dahyun get so much crazy gifts..

Source: Pann