Netizens shocked at the increasing costs of K-pop concerts

If you’ve ever attended a K-Pop concert, you know exactly how it feels to spend hundreds of dollars – and potentially thousands if you including housing and flight – on a single event such as this.

In a topic posted on Instiz on August 30th titled “Surprised to See The Cost of an Idol Concert,” it reads:

“Cost of an idol concert exceeds a hundred thousand won in the spring time… ㄷㄷ “

Instiz: Cost of tickets going for 110,000 won (standing area and R seats) and 99,ooo won (S seats) for BEAST‘s Beautiful Show concert. Equals to $93 and $84 USD.

Netizens posted comments:

The earlier concerts for Super Junior was 55,000 won ($46) but now it’s 110,000 won ($93) ㅠㅠ

– The special seats [for the ‘Beautiful Show’] are actually 150,000 won ($127) ㅠㅠ

– International concerts are even more expensive, it’s like 200,000 won ($169)

– The first concert I attended when I was a student was 66,000 won ($56)… but now they’re increasing to 99,000 won – 110,000 won..

– Seats for VVIPs are 160,000 won ($135) or even more expensive.. 

– An SM concert for the third floor is 110,000 ($93)..

Seats at EXO were 110,000 won ($93)…..

BIGBANG seats were also 150,000 ($127)… concerts are so expensive these days ㅜ

Source: Instiz
Comments: Instiz

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