Netizens shocked by semifinalist’s TRUE idol identity on “King of Mask Singer”

After it was revealed that several of the talented singers on MBC‘s King of Mask Singer were in fact from idol groups, netizens expressed their surprise and admiration for the idols. 

Despite the fact that singing is one of the most important assets of an idol, members of idol groups often face prejudice when compared to solo singers. Even popular vocalists such as SISTAR’s Hyorin have faced criticism when facing off against singers not from idol groups on singing competitions.

However, netizens were surprised at the singing skills of idols such as EXID’s Solji and B1A4’s Sandeul, who have performed admirably on MBC’s King of Mask Singer. Even with their faces concealed during their performances, the idol singers were able to face off toe-to-toe with solo singers, with Sandeul even reaching the semi-finals.

In response to the success of idol singers such as Sandeul, netizens have developed a new-found appreciation for idol group vocalists. Some have even suspected the final winner of the competition, who remains masked, to be f(x)’s Luna. Netizens took to sites such as Mydaily to express their opinions in regard to idol singers on the show:

1. [+5,036, -268] Wow…daebak, Sandeul’s really good at singing

2. [+4,494, -294] Our country’s idols are seriously so good…I shouldn’t be biased anymore.

3. [+295, -13] Sandeul’s so daebak…I was so sure with my friend that I even made a bet with her that it wasn’t an idol…but wow, he needs a solo album release. His skills are not idol level; daebak. I never cared about idol groups or knew B1A4 so I didn’t know Sandeul was at this level..

4. [+128, -8] Looks like we shouldn’t be biased against idols. If that ‘Gold Rocka’ is Luna too, then this show is a festival of idol main vocalists.

Source: Mydaily