Netizens show no sympathy in response to latest Luhan and Kris court update

In response to the latest update regarding the case between SM Entertainment and Luhan and Kris, many netizens show no sympathy towards the latter two.

Recently it was revealed that while Luhan and Kris accepted the court’s mediation terms, SM Entertainment submitted an official rejection.

Top rated comments revealed that netizens felt negative sentiments towards the two artists, accusing them of using the popularity of EXO and SM Entertainment as a stepping stool to their own fame. A popular comment even referenced f(x) leader Victoria who was recently caught in rumors of her leaving the agency as well.

Check out the comments here:

[+ 2355, – 111] Whenever I see these two bastards I realize how nice of a lady Victoria is.

[+ 2004, – 81] Such class leaving as soon as they blow up ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 1558, – 281] I just want all the Chinese to leave and we can have just the Koreans remain

Source: Naver