Netizens show worry over repeated aggression from North Korea

As North Korea repeatedly show acts of aggression including deploying over 70% of their submarines and doubling their artillery front, netizens of Korea are starting to become worried.

Since the Korean War in 1950, North Korea has repeatedly shown signs of aggression and sometimes even went so far as to bomb a Korean military base in Yeonpyeong island in 2010. As South Koreans are so frequently exposed to such acts of aggression it’s not a surprise that when North Korea showed signs of aggression recently, the people of South Korea did not overly worry about the situation.

However with the recent development it seems that many South Korean netizens are becoming worried that North Korea’s actions may not be just for show this time. While most are continuing with their everyday lives it is impossible to deny that at this point many South Korean citizens are beginning to worry that the situation may be more grave than they initially thought.

Below are the most upvoted netizen comments on one of Korea’s biggest portal sites called Nate under a news report about the recently deployed North Korean submarines

[+ 1529, – 32] I knew it, those communist bastards were going to show up smiling and stab us in the back

[+ 1362, – 37] *trembles* What? The submarines are nowhere to be seen on our radars? Doesn’t this mean that armed forces could sneak into our back lines? Pleas fortify the naval front

[+ 1163, – 27] Doesn’t this mean that we have no way of confirming even if they have their submarines surrounding us right now?

[+ 114, -2] Are the negotiations a distraction? If they are planning to buy time so they can sneak their special forces via submarines this is really scary.

[+ 103, – 1] This is 100% a ruse to sneak to our back lines — This is really dangerous…

Comment Sources: Nate