Netizens surprised at Seolhyun’s diet and her ability to maintain her figure

Idol diets are notorious for being small in portions to help the singers maintain their figures, but one idol has been getting a lot of attention for her incredibly large appetite. 

AOA‘s Seolhyun has been getting a lot of attention for her enviable body, but netizens were even more shocked to discover that the singer is able to maintain such a body while eating to her fill as well.

Titled, “Wow Seolhyun, this  is such a shock,” a popular Pann post discussed Seolhyun’s incredible figure despite apparent excessive eating. Attaching screen shots of Seolhyun eating from a large of jjajangmyeon from the FNC Entertainment singer’s appearance on a recent broadcast of KBS2‘s Happy Together, as well as several photos of the singer during her group’s promotions for their latest album Heart Attack, netizens pondered over Seolhyun’s amazing metabolism.








[+ 269, – 167] I can’t believe people worship Seolhyun for her body. Shouldn’t Yura be worshiped? She has big boobs, small waist large hips nice legs… Seolhyun’s all pads butt pad, breast pads…

[+ 242, – 9] Ha…this is why Pann gets criticized for comments. It’s because of girls like you who make yourselves feel better by spouting nonsense..Keep a lid on it.

[+ 232, – 15] Since when is Seolhyun all about boobs. She’s worshiped for her figure and her hotness.