Netizens swarm to defend Kai and EXO in recent controversial clip

On May 24th, a post was made on Pann, a popular online community on Nateabout EXO Chanyeol‘s Instagram post, which features his fellow band members, including Kai

Chanyeol’s Instagram post being discussed shows Sehun wearing VR goggles and acting astounded with D.O laughing at him while sitting in bed. Noticing that Chanyeol has deleted his post quickly afterwards, the person who posted this topic on Pann claims that it is due to Kai saying, “Jang-ae-in i sae yoo? (Are you handicapped)” near the end of the video. The person who brought this up on Pann has also uploaded a clip of just the voice at the end saying “Are you handicapped?” via Soundcloud.

Netizens and fans who came across this post swarmed to defend EXO, believing what originally started as a harmless banter amongst friends has now turned into a controversy.

[+ 338, – 134] This wasn’t even on broadcast it was just at their house among themselves. Why make a huge issue of a very quietly said joke and why upload the video that was already deleted. You can’t even hear it properly in the original video. We can’t even be sure what is said.

[+ 295, – 75] Where does SHAWOL come in here I’m a muggle (non-fan) I keep listening to the sound clip but I don’t think he said handicapped. Even when I listen through i-Phone earphones I can’t hear the “J” in “Jang-ae-in”

[+ 192, – 40] Where is the proof that it’s Kai? Don’t try to pin it on him with no evidence. Plus what he said doesn’t even start with a J.

Source: Pann