Netizens upset with Lovelyz Ryu Soo Jung’s claim that she is under SM Entertainment

In a recent broadcast of a radio program, Lovelyz member Ryu Soo Jung claim that her group was under SM Entertainment has upset many fans. 

During a conversation between Soo Jung, SHINEE‘s Jonghyun, and Jung Jun Young, when Jonghyun mentioned SM Entertainment, the Lovelyz member proudly stated that her group was also part of the company.

While Jonghyun was taken aback by the comment, Jung Jun Young asked, “Lovelyz is under SM too?, leading Soo Jung to clarify that Lovelyz and their label Woollim Entertainment were under the subsidiary S.M. Culture & Contents, also known as C&C.

While it is true that Woollim Entertainment is technically under SM Entertainment, the merger between the two companies has been a controversial issue among fans. Many fans who watched the video broadcast of the show were offended by Soo Jung’s comments, particularly her lack of hesitation and apparent pride in claiming to be part of SM Entertainment.

Soo Jung-ah, you’re under Woollim…Not C&C but Woollim.

Soo Jung-ah, you’re under Woollim… Have more pride about Woollim…

Would she still have said she was SM too if she was not under a merger; even with the merge, Woollim has still maintained their name and has their own page on YouTube..; and their new song is totally a Woollim feel without any SM involvement…

Fans also took to Pann to discuss the singer’s faux pas, with many concluding that she should have been more considerate of her label and labelmates when making such a statement.

1. [+69, -2] Does she not realize that INFINITE sacrificed a lot for Woollim to grow as big as they have now and that their debut was even possible because of the money INFINITE made… then she should be proud to be under Woollim but what’s up with her;;

2. [+42, -0] Did she really have to say “We’re SM too” by even cutting Jonghyun off in the middle of his talk? ㅋㅋㅋ And she didn’t even clarify that it was C&C until Jung Jun Young asked her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ INFINITE suffered so much hate during the merger and she has no consideration for that at all. I’m not trying to put Woollim down but what she said is basically the same as some Woollim trainee going around lying that she is now an SM trainee because she passed Woollim’s auditions.

3. [+42, -1] How hard must she have thought that she is an SM artist that she’s able to say that so easily? INFINITE… Woohyun especially, went through so much during the news of the merger… Ryu Soo Jung, do you realize that the rehearsal room you practice in has the Woollim logo and the logo in front of your music video is Woollim too? If you wanted to be SM so bad, why didn’t you audition for SM instead? ㅎㅎ

Source: Pann