Netizens upset over MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s injury at the “Idol Star Athletics Championship”

Many idols were injured at MBC‘s Idol Star Athletics Championship, but they are adamant that the show itself is not to blame for the injuries.

Netizens have compiled a list of idols who were injured on the show in one of the top trending posts on Pann. Here is the direct translation of the post and some of the top comments:

“Sure if they don’t attend they wouldn’t get hurt but word has it that if they don’t attend they receive a lot of disadvantages on music shows.

I guess even these things are kind of understandable but…

If the idols do get injured, shouldn’t they receive proper treatment and be allowed to rest?? Why do they only get the bare minimum care and are forced to keep filming.

Also, I heard that the less popular idols only get cup ramen for lunch while the popular idols eat lunch boxes provided by the fans.

Moreover, there are a lot of idols whose promotions are affected because they get injured at the Idol Star Athletics Championship.

Seriously the fans wouldn’t be mad at the Idol Star Athletics Championship if they let the idols sleep properly, eat well, and receive proper treatment;;;”

MAMAMOO Moonbyul

Fan's concern for Mamamoo's Moonbyul 's injury
Fan’s concern over Mamamoo Moonbyul ‘s injury

“What the f***! Our Moon Star was the first to get injured! While running, it’s said that she fell on  her face. They say that the injuries are very minor, but apparently she limped off to where there wasn’t anyone and began crying. Reporters stated that her injury was only minor, but if it is a serious injury and if Moonbyul shows any sign of exhaustion or pain, I will kill you MBC, I will f****** find you guys!

And I heard that SEVENTEEN‘s leader is limping as well!

You bastards! Why won’t you just get rid of the Idol Star Athletics Championship Show!”

Fan's concern over Mamamoo's Moonbyul's injury
Fan’s concern over Mamamoo Moonbyul’s injury

“At the Idol Star Athletics Championship Show, Moonbyul was running in first place and then she fell. Moonbyul cried (at this point, even the non-MAMAMOO fans were throwing tissue at her telling her not to cry).

When Moonbyul fell, the other members of MAMAMOO ran up to her and comforted her, but as they were leaving, all the other members started to cry.

Moonbyul has injured her leg, chin, and cheek, and she was limping when she left. The injured area had scratches and bruises, and it said that she will attend other scheduled activities.”

Fan's concern over Mamamoo Moonbyul's injury
Fan’s concern over Mamamoo Moonbyul’s injury

“First of all, I was at the Idol Star Athletics Championship, so let me tell you what I saw. Moonbyul began running at 12th place, then she got to 1st, but then something was weird with her left foot. So she fell forward and fell on the right side of her face. And the Idol Star Athletics Championship replayed that moment to us five times. Then the other members came and comforted her and everyone was throwing her tissues. Because Moonbyul was crying, everyone beginning with Solar also began to cry. Then Moonbyul left with the aid of Solar and their manager.

Moonbyul had gotten chin surgery in the past due to an accident and she fell on her chin ….

What if something big happened on that part of the chin.

What’s even more ridiculous is that the show replayed Moonbyul falling over 5 times with closeup… Are you serious?

Seriously, why don’t they just get rid of the show?”

Mamamoo Moonbyul
Mamamoo Moonbyul

“I hope she gets better soon!

In JTBC’s show War of Words, Super Junior Heechul words”

Super Junior Heechul on War of Words
Super Junior Heechul on “War of Words”

Kim Gu Ra said, “Idol Star Athletics Championship rates a bit more than 10%, this time there was good ratings, but there weren’t a lot of popular idols.”

“Super Junior Kim Heechul stated that every year on the show there are quite a lot of injuries and that AOA Seolhyun was injured during curling.

Heechul also revealed “Idols are at times forced to attend the Idol Star Athletics Championship, and if they reject the offer, they are at disadvantages at the music shows.”

He continued to say that after he revealed the truth, a lot of his younger idols contacted him with thank you’s, and that they felt good seeing him speak out against them (the show).”

Teen Top L.Joe received a hand injury but in the report, they stated that no one got an injury.

Teen Top L.Joe's Hand Injury
Teen Top L.Joe’s Hand Injury

“5 minutes after the game starts, L.Joe gets an injury. The show director didn’t even know that L.Joe got an injury until L.Joe left the game holding his finger at which point he got permission to stop playing. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I am at loss of words.”

Block B P.O

Block B P.O's Injury
Block B P.O’s Injury

Ji Hoon (P.O’s real name) Oppa, hurt his left hand.”

“He can’t even bend his finger, it’s obviously injured..”

“Oh My Girl Binnie also hurt her waist and legs, and she cried.”

“GOT7 Jackson and Junior are wearing casts as well.”

List of Injuries from Idol Star Athletics Championship
List of Injuries from Idol Star Athletics Championship

“This is a list of injuries from the beginning, but this is incomplete because there are a lot more.”

VIXX’s Leo, INFINITE’s Woohyun and Sungyeol, SISTAR’s Bora, Apink’s Hayoung, Namjoo, and Bomi, TEEN TOP’s Changjo and Niel, GOT7’s Jackson, SHINee’s MInho, AOA’s Seolhyun, and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul.

[+488 / -5] No seriously, this is funny because you say that they should stop broadcasting this show, but fans stay up all night and still attend the Championship. If you guys keep attending then who will stop broadcasting it?

[+312 / -3] You say that we shouldn’t go to the Championship and that they should stop broadcasting, but you guys still go. Truthfully, if everyone boycotts it, then Idol Star Athletics Championship will stop by itself. So stop just saying things and put it into action

[+156 / -4] Teen Top L.Joe hurt his hand playing basketball, but the articles said no one got hurt in the basketball games. Seriously I get really angry over this type of bs

Source: Pann