Netizens vote on what celebrity tutor they would like to have

On July 7th, users on Nate voted on which Korean celebrity they’d like as a tutor to learn their relevant skills from.


Yoo Jae Suk took first place as a leadership tutor with 36% of the user votes, with Baek Jongwon in a close second as a culinary tutor at 31%. The rest of the celebrities trailed far behind with Song Il Kook taking third place at 10%, and Shin Dongyup taking fourth as a sex-ed tutor.

The full results were as follows:

Park Soojin (How to look pretty while eating) – 2% (132 votes)

Baek Jongwon (Sugar Boy’s Cooking Class) – 31% (1686 votes)

Song Il Kook (How to raise triplets) – 10% (527 votes)

Sean (How to love right) – 4% (204 votes)

Shin Dongyup (Sex-ed) – 7% (366 votes)

Lee Seojin (How to travel with grandpas) – 2% (134 votes)

Uee (Basic tutorial on flirting) – 3% (183 votes)

Yoo Jae Suk  (Understanding true leadership) – 36% (1940 votes)

Hong Jinho (The secret to a sexy brain) – 2% (86 votes)

Others (Leave your opinion in the comments!) – 2% (105 votes)

[+ 130, – 23] Choiza’s…..nvm. I want to learn from Choiza

[+ 74, – 3] I want politicians to teach me how to steal and make money while doing nothing and relaxing

[+ 63, – 4] This is the weirdest poll so farㅋ. Why did they do this? ㅋ

Source: Nate Poll