Netizens vote on the importance of face versus body

Netizens ask men on their opinion on which female they would date between two hypothetical extremes.

Body over face or face over body is a hot debate amongst Korean men. Would you want to date a woman with a beautiful face but a flat body with no sexiness or a woman with a regular face with a hot and curvy body? Tell us what you think!

Originally posted on Pann, netizens ask men on which woman they prefer between the two comparisons.

Titled “Girl With Beautiful Face But Flat Body,” here is the direct translation of the post and netizen discussion below.


“If you could only choose between face or body, what would you choose?

“With the basic understanding that plastic surgery is not an option

“1. Face is really pretty but the body is flat and not sexy

“2. Face is not so pretty but the body is curvy and sexy

“Press thumbs up for number 1 and thumbs down for number 2

“I know that comedian Oh Na Mi is actually pretty when she puts on make up, I just used her because I didn’t have any other pictures”

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.35.32 PM


[+82, -6] I really can’t date either one of them to be serious… This is not a laughing matter to decide hahahahahahaha

[+61, -4] Did we do something wrong?

[+42, -6] hahahaahahahahahhaahah Am I the only one that finds the body in the first photo funny hahahahahahaha But aren’t most guys going to choose number 1 since number 2 is too extreme

[+21, 0] Why do this comparison? In truth 90% of everyone’s faces and bodies are average. I want to ask if the writer of this post is really ugly but have a good body

[+17, -1] If it is Kim Tae Hee’s face.. I would date her despite the fact that I might have to wrap her up with a blanket

[+15, -2] Number 1 hahahahahaha Doesn’t she just need to get her boobs done hahahahaha

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