New girl group G-Friend gains attention prior to debut

SourceMusic‘s pre-debut team, also known as G-Friend, will not debut until November, but they are creating big waves among K-Pop fans with their teasers.

Girlfriend, stylized G-Friend, is SouceMusic’s upcoming six-member girl group and has been releasing teasers through their official SNS pages.

Previously, G-Friend had already revealed four of the group’s fresh new faces including 95-liner Sowon, 96-liner Yerin, as well as 98-liners Shinbi and Umji in a simple photo showing the four members’ natural beauty.

Recently, a photo has been released of the six girls with their backs to the camera, walking their bicycles in a park dressed in casual school uniforms. Their photo teasers illustrate the young, fresh concept that they will be promoting with.

Netizens have been abuzz about this new girl group, especially since there are two more members yet to be revealed! However, they did reveal a chalkboard photo of handwritten names of each of the members revealing the final two member’s names: Yuju and Eunha.

Check out their image teasers below and stay tuned to Koreaboo as the girls prepare for their debut!