Nexon releases CF for “Sudden Attack” featuring EvoL’s JUCY

On January 20th, online game company Nexon released a CF featuring a rap track by EvoL‘s JUCY for the first-person shooter game Sudden Attack

The track, titled “How About Sudden?”, was accompanied by colorful animation featuring different aspects of the game, including the weapons, hotkeys, and vocabulary associated with it. With a powerful beat combined with JUCY’s flow and fierce attitude, the track evokes the sense of competitive spirit that can be found in the game.

The main rapper of the Stardom Entertainment group definitely does a good job with explaining and advertising Sudden Attack through her track.

The game, which is a multi-player FPS game, is notable for its high quality. In fact, the game is now the most played first person shooter in Korea, leading with more than 100 consecutive weeks on the game charts. Make sure to check out the CF featuring Evol’s JUCY below!