Nicole reveals heartwarming handwritten letter for her fans (Colling)

In anticipation for her upcoming solo debut under B2M Entertainment, Nicole revealed a letter for her fans that she hand wrote to thank them for all their support. 

After almost a year of being on hiatus from the music industry, former KARA member Nicole will finally be returning with her first solo mini-album later this month! So far, the singer has released one image teaser as well as a video teaser, both with quite a somber tone.

Nicole’s teasers have been generating overwhelmingly positive reactions from fans, whose comments include: “omg…so beautiful and perfect,” “So excited for this! Let’s go Nicole!” and “OMG! ^^Can’t wait for #NICOLE  ♥♥♥.” In response to all the support she’s been receiving, the singer revealed a letter she personally wrote for fans on November 12th.

In the letter, Nicole expressed her nervousness for her upcoming solo debut, but also stated that she was proud of herself for stepping up to the challenge and changing her image, noting that she did not have any regrets. Nicole then revealed that the name of her official fan club would be Colling (Nicole + -ing), which can be interpreted as “Always cheering for Nicole” or “Always calling Nicole”. She ended the letter with one final thank you to fans, and reminded them to always smile.

Nicole’s solo debut mini-album is scheduled to be released on November 19th, with the music video for the title track “MAMA” set to come out the same day.

Check out her translated letter by Koreaboo below:

Hello fans ~~ 
How are you all? It’s Nicole!
It’s my first time writing such a letter… and my writing…is honestly…kind of bad….isn’t it?
Finally my first solo mini album first image teaser video has been released! Clap clap clap! How was it? Please keep an eye out for future teaser and video releases~~ (can’t read this part) ; I was really nervous preparing for this album I really wanted to do so well that it almost poisoned me ㅠㅅㅠ. But since i took a large part in the album I have no regrets and I hope you all love it too. I challenged myself in a lot of ways and tried to change a lot too. Maybe that’s why I’m more nervous ~ㅠ<ㅠ. Please expect alot~~
AND! I heard that my official fan club name has been chosen as “colling”! Let’s be a real family under the name you have all chosen ~~

We’re finally meeting next week…I can’t express my feelings >_< 
Be careful of colds, and lets meet happy and healthy!
I love you ~~

Source: E Today