Niel and Juniel will perform “Spring Love” for the first time on M! Countdown

Since releasing his repackaged album Spring Love, Teen Top’s Niel will finally take the stage with his new title track tonight on M! Countdown.

Originally released on April 14th, “Spring Love” is the complete opposite of his solo title track “Lovekiller,” and instead emits a more calm and soothing side of Niel as he sings lyrics that honestly expresses ones feelings of love.

Featured artist Juniel will also be accompanying Niel on his first comeback stage as well, making fans of both idols anticipate the stage even more.

M! Countdown, which normally airs every Thursday, was delayed to air on Friday, April 17th to commemorate the memories of the lives lost during the Sewol Ferry tragedy on April 16, 2014.

Source: 10 Asia