Niel shares photo of his 1st solo album’s packaging

Teasers continue to be released as TEEN TOP Niel‘s solo album release date comes near, with the latest revealing the packaging for oNIELy.

The packaging is simply created with a photo booklet placed neatly inside atop the blue CD itself, a box top with Niel’s jacket photo on top to close. The photo booklet will not only include several photos of Niel, but the lyrics of his tracks along with his special thank yous.

With a single teaser remaining to be published on February 12th, fans expectation for his solo album has heightened. oNIELy will be released on February 16th, where he will then begin to promote his title track, “Lovekiller.”


Posted by TEEN TOP 틴탑 on Sunday, February 8, 2015