Niel throws away his idol image with imitation of the Terminator

TEEN TOP vocalist Niel showed off his famous imitation skills of the Terminator, throwing away his idol image to make the audience laugh for a single moment.

On July 7th, Niel and Chunji both took part of the music variety show competition in which contestants are put into a team of one or two  and must complete performing tracks of varying levels by singing the correct lyrics shown on the screen, which are given in a mixed order.

During one of the breaks, MC Moon Hee Jun proposed an imitation showdown between the two teams – Go Yoo Jin and TEEN TOP – with Go Yoo Jin imitating songstress Lee Sora.

Niel, on the other hand, chose to imitate the Terminator – a cyborg from the film series of the same name – in which you can only see the silver exoskeleton. With Moon Hee Jun providing the intense background music and theme song of the Terminator, Niel opened his eyes wide and held his mouth open with his fingers to only reveal his teeth and had the audience reeling in laughter.

Moon Hee Jun complimented Niel, saying, “It was great. This type of thing isn’t easy for an idol.”

Source: TV Report