“NO.MERCY” trainees have a feast in the first episode of “Deokspatch”

Fans left comments, sharing what they wanted to see from the boys of NO.MERCY and they got what they wanted. In the first episode of Deokspatch, titled, “Foodie King,” the boys are fulfilling fans request and are shown eating.As the first episode of Deokspatch was released, the trainees where given a variety of food from fried chicken to pizza. In the first episode, the trainees get up close and personal as they shine with their adorable personalities and charms while eating away.

Although the requested activity for the traniees was to eat, they also participated in a group activity where they stuck 10 post-it notes on themselves. The goal of the game was to shake them all off and whoever was the last to get rid of them was the loser.

NO.MERCY is a survival program created by Mnet and Starship Entertainment which is revolves around creating a new male rookie group whereas Deokspatch is a short series on 1theK‘s YouTube channel where the trainees of NO.MERCY are filmed behind the scenes, sharing private moments with fans.