NO.MERCY trainees reveal “boyfriend pictures” from “Deokspatch”

On January 8th, 1theK shared the original “boyfriend pictures” that the trainees of NO.MERCY took for the fourth episode of Deokspatch.

The six photos show the trainees in various poses, representing the photo that a girlfriend would have of them. Shownu shows off his muscles with a candid while working out with the help of photographer Wonho. Meanwhille, Kihyun uses a gentleman concept as he poses in front of a bookcase.

Minhyuk and Jooheon take to the restroom for their photos. After selca-master Minhyuk takes his toothbrush photo, he shares his selca secrets with Jooheon.

Wonho uses the keyboard as his main prop, playing the role of the musician in his “boyfriend photo.” Jooheon fails in his attempts to take a coffee foam photo and hilarious aegyo. However, with the help of Kihyun he successfully takes his manly “boyfriend photo.” Finally, Hyungwon adorably wakes up from bed with his plaid pajamas and ruffled hair.

The members of the elimination show are honing their abilities to become the next Starship Entertainment boy group.

Check out their charming photos here:

If you missed the episode, you can watch it below!