“NO.MERCY” trainees vote for touchiest and most dateable trainee on episode 6 of “Deokspatch”

On the sixth episode of 1theK’s Deokspatch, the trainees of Mnet’s NO.MERCY played the image talk game where they voted on who they would want to date if they were a girl and much more.

During the sixth episode of Deokspatch titled “Image Talk,” the requested activity that fans wanted to see was for the boys to answer questions about each other. For example, they were asked who the most touchy member is, which trainee they would date if they were a girl, who uses the bathroom the longest, and much more.

As the episode revealed their answers, Wonho and Shownu were picked as the ones that use the bathroom the longest while Minhyuk was voted as the most touchy. When the trainees later revealed who they would date if they were a girl, Hyungwon was one of the first to be mentioned as the trainees agreed that he is the most attractive member out of all of the trainees.

Previously, 1thek released “boyfriend pictures” of the trainees on social networking sites where the boys adorably posed as they took selcas and much more for the fourth episode of Deokspatch.

Check out episode six below: