No Min Woo takes handsome selcas with Jaejoong

Actor-singer No Min Woo and JYJ‘s Jaejoong flaunt off their good looks together in pictures uploaded to No Min Woo’s Instagram account.

On February 22nd, No Min Woo updated fans with a picture of him and Jaejoong together. In the first picture he uploaded, the two celebrities are seen posing closely to each other as they show off their brotherly bond. The last picture he shared was also with Jaejoong, and Min Woo was seen holding up a rock-on hand sign, where as Jaejoong held up the peace sign while in the car. Along with the picture the caption said, “Good night. The kids said they like the new sound haha. I just listened to it dutifully, but I’m feeling good now.”

In the pictures, both Jaejoong and No Min Woo have caught the attention of fans with their attractive faces and unique fashion sense. Netizens reacted positively to the photo posts saying, “The two would fit well in a duet,” “Good looking people are close,” and “It’s good to see the two of them close”.

However, this isn’t the first time the both of them have revealed their close friendship with each other. Back in October 2014, they also shared a haunting post of them in their Halloween costumes. In the following month of November 2014 No Min Woo posted another dreamy selca with Jaejoong.

Source: Osen