Noah Ro, Sangbum, and Yoohyun release MV teaser for “Still”

Noah Ro, Sangbum, and Yoohyun released a music video teaser for “Still” on January 18th.

Back on October 5, 2014 male group DEMION disbanded due to the financial problems plaguing their agency, Lions Bridge Entertainment. However, remaining close friends, the members of DEMION did not give up their dreams of making music.

The eldest member, Noh Nakhun, who now goes by the persona NOAH/Noah Ro, has taken a massive step in continuing their music career. With the help of DEMION’s Sangbum and Yoohyun, the three of them came together to produce their upcoming music video for “Still.”

Directed, filmed, and edited by NOAH, “Still” will be the members’ first activities since their debut with “Ask Her Out” in 2013. The teaser shows a couple who shared what seems like a loving relationship in the beginning, but as the teaser progresses the guy is seen suffering and the girl is left sitting alone.

Check out the music video teaser for “Still” featuring Sangbum and Yoohyun, below! Are you excited for their upcoming release?

Source: Noah Ro’s YouTube Channel and DEMION’s Official YouTube Channel