NOM releases album jacket images for K and Yohan

On January 16th, JM Star Entertainment group NOM released two jacket images for their upcoming album “Kidding Me” featuring K and Yohan

After releasing individual teaser images for each of the members last week, the group began releasing different versions of album jacket images featuring the four members.

NOM first released a jacket image for Yohan, followed by K soon after. Standing in front of a simple white curtain background, the members appear fresh and bright. Much like the individual teaser images, NOM is scheduled to release the jacket images one by one, and is set to release the jacket image featuring either Yonki or Ain next.

The group is set to release their third mini-album “Kidding Me” later this month on January 19th. Make sure to check out the image jackets below and be on the look out for NOM’s upcoming release!