NOM reveals final individual image teaser ft. Yohan

Following the daily release of suave individual member photos, boy group NOM finishes the set with member Yohan.

NOM has shared photo teasers for members Ain, K, and Yongki, and has finally shared the final image teaser for Yohan. Just like his fellow members, Yohan is photographed in a bright, blue background. Lit by string lights that run across the floor, the photo has an mystical, futuristic aura.

He is dressed in a leather red jacket with gold chain necklaces accenting his mature look. As he crouches on the floor, his hand is lifted up toward his face, covering one of his eyes.

With the completion of the members’ individual shots, the group revealed that fans can expect a music video teaser for their comeback track “Kidding Me” on January 12th.

Check out the group’s photos here: