NOM reveals modern image teasers for Ain, Yongki, and K

Boy group NOM has recently released individual image teasers for members Ain, Yongki, and K prior to their upcoming comeback with Kidding Me.

The group already teased fans with an album cover that includes the four members. Now, fans get a closer look at the members’ modern outfits and attractive expressions.

The photos have been released daily since January 5th, starting with leader Ain. He is crouched steadily, his rings, necklace, and red suit jacket highlighting his eyes that are focused off-camera. Next, NOM shared the image teaser for Yongki. He gazes seductively at the camera with his hand lifted to his lips. Third is member K. His longer hair is swept to the side as the different tones are brought out by the string lights that are strewn across the floor.

Check out their image teasers here:

Photo: Yongki from NOM Fancafe

Photo: K from NOM Fancafe

Photo: Ain from NOM Fancafe

Source: NOM Fancafe