Norazo to make comeback with new single, “It’s Your Destiny”

The wild, yet talented pop and rock duo, Norazo, has just given their fans a sneak peak at their upcoming digital single, “It’s Your Destiny”!

On February 9th and 10th, Norazo’s official Twitter account tweeted two posts that gave away sneak peaks of their upcoming comeback. The first tweet was a short video of the making-of film for their new music video with the caption, “Norazo’s sudden comeback! ‘It’s Your Destiny’ making-of film.

The second tweet, which was posted on the 10th, was of a silly compilation photo of Jo Bin‘s face photoshopped onto two Hwatu cards and Lee Hyuk‘s face photoshopped onto two tarot cards.

Many netizens have been speculating that these photos represent two types of destinies or fate, just like the title of the song. Go-Stop (also known as Hwatu) is a Korean card matching game which is often associated with gambling. Many Koreans believe that when a player or players lose more than several consecutive rounds, it is their “fate” or their “destiny” to lose.

The tarot cards shown with Lee Hyuk’s face are often used by psychics and mystics for divination, prophecy, and fortune telling—all of which foreshadow one’s “fate” or “destiny.”

Many fans have been long awaiting for the talented and silly duo to make another comeback after their latest single, “Evolution No.7,” in October 2014. The two have had many hit singles over the last couple of years such as “Superman,” “Mackeral,” and “Curry,” widening the hype among fans for another exciting track.