North Korea claim 1 million volunteers ready to fight against South Korea

North Korea is claiming, through its state run media, that over 1 million citizens have volunteered to fight for the country against South Korea, if talks do not deescalate the situation.

According to Yahoo News, the country revealed in a statement that, “Young people across the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are turning out in the sacred war for defending the country with their faith and will to annihilate the enemies.”

Currently, Government officials from both South and North Korea are meeting for talks in order to come to an agreement about the current situation. However, talks failed to reach an agreement on both Saturday and Sunday, and will continue to resume.

The current crisis began after North Korea was accused of planting land mines near the DMZ that resulted in two soldiers being maimed. South Korea retaliated by putting massive loudspeakers that broadcasted messages to the North. North Korea then fired missiles into the speakers after repeated requests for the removal of the broadcasts.

Source: Yahoo News