NS Yoon-G is beautiful at every angle in D-1 teaser for “Wifey”

With just one day left before the release of her upcoming digital single “Wifey,” solo singer NS Yoon-G gave fans a look at her beauty from four different angles through her new D-1 teasers.

Despite being fairly new to Instagram, the singer has utilized the social networking service well, giving fans a slew of beautiful teasers and photos to quell fans as they await her release.

In the new teaser photos, NS Yoon-G  can be seen in a dimly lit room, wearing a tight black tank top and letting her luscious hair flow free. Although the D-1 teaser images take a slightly darker tone than the other photos released so far, the singer still looks fantastic and definitely perfect “Wifey” material.

With NS Yoon-G’s new single dropping on March 20th, fans just can’t help but be excited for her comeback. Make sure to check out the new D-1 teaser photos for NS Yoon-G’s “Wifey” below!