NS Yoon-G joins Instagram and teases possible comeback

Soloist NS Yoon-G revealed her Instagram account on March 3rd and posted a series of photos, one of them possibly teasing to a comeback.

Since opening her account, NS Yoon-G posted 6 photos and has garnered thousands of followers. The pictures showed a little glimpse into the singer’s life that many fans were not able to see before. She posted a picture with her younger brother, a picture showing her love of Oreo cookies, and a picture with her beloved dog Coco.

One picture particularly that gained a lot of attention was her picture of a recording booth, which led many fans to speculate that there is a possible comeback in the works. The last time fans were able to hear NS Yoon-G’s beautiful voice was in December 2014 when she released a special winter single with rapper DinDin.

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