NS Yoon-G proves she’s the best “Wifey” in comeback MV

On March 20th, NS Yoon-G officially made her comeback with the release of her latest music video “Wifey” featuring MC Mong.

The music video follows the concept established in previous video and image teasers. Written by Duble Sidekick, this title track opens with a sexy ad lib by NS Yoon-G and a smooth rap by MC Mong. The title of the song is a combination of “wife” and the ending “~y,” depicting a relationship that is closer than a friend and lover. Listeners even caught references to her previous tracks in this new title song.

As the soloist sings the witty and sweet lyrics, her casual dancing brings out the R&B hip hop vibe of the track. Fans get to see various different sides of the artist as she takes on concepts that are cozy, gypsy, professional, street, and more.

Her single Sincerely was released on March 20th as well.

Watch her music video for “Wifey” here: